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Ross Archie, HIS

Ross Archie, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Originally licensed in Wyoming and Nebraska in 1996, Ross has been helping people hear better for a long time. Ross and his wife Lori and dogs moved to Colorado in 2010 which is when Ross was licensed in Colorado. Ross has worked as a hearing instrument specialist in several clinics in Colorado and is very happy to join the team in Lakewood.

In his off hours Ross likes to travel, fish, hike and golf. As well as spend time with his wife, adult children and granddaughter. Ross and Lori have recently rescued a couple of lab mix puppies and are enjoying watching them play and grow.

Kayce Kremer, BC-HIS

Kayce Kremer, BC-HIS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Kayce Kremer has been with Affordable Hearing since 1999. She was born and raised in East Texas but came to Colorado in 1985 to start a career in the various areas of the Medical Field. She specializes in auditory deprivation and aural rehabilitation. She helps preserve her patient’s quality of life by improving communication between her patient and their family and friends. With Nu-Ear’s latest hearing aid technology, Kayce has been able to give her patients the ability to hear words, tones, and sounds that they haven’t been able to hear in years. She has devoted countless hours to helping her patients once again hear the birds sing, their loved ones across the room, music playing, and even the television at a normal volume. Her goal is to educate her patients and their loved ones on the purpose of wearing hearing aids and the benefits they will receive by wearing them. She stresses to all of her patients (new and old) that she is here to HELP them. When Kayce is not at work helping her patients, she will spend as much free time as possible enjoying the outdoors. She takes pleasure in many hobbies including; fishing, hiking, and dirt bike riding, in the mountains, all with family and friends. When winter rolls around, she enjoys ice fishing, woodworking, and oil painting. Kayce has a Beautiful Ragdoll cat, which rules her home!!! She also stays very involved her nieces and nephews by mentoring them.

Customer Reviews

Reluctantly, I kept my appointment with Hearing Specialist, Dr Archie, from the Lakewood, CO - Hearing Center, considering the stay at home orders in place. However, Mr Archie, and I practiced social distance, but he was still very professional, accommodating, and made me feel like a valued patient. Very explicit...

Dimpy Ortega, on Google

I went to affordable Hearing Center today to get a free hearing test today. I tried Nano hearing aids and all they were was amplifiers. I walked out today with new Hearing aids from affordable hearing, and already my hearing is great and so far my Tinnitus is all but...

Michael Yancey, on Google

Kaycee and her associate are a very pleasant, professional, and helpful group to work with. I would recommend them. That said, my Starkey NuEar NOW hearing aids are an older iteration of what’s being sold currently. Apparently Starkey has not come out with satisfactory, effective Bluetooth software upgrade for them,...

Bill Leake, on Google

Kaycee is the best and has done an excellent service for me and my hearing issues. She cares about each person who comes through her doors. Can't even think of going elsewhere. I recommend this office to anyone for Hearing issues.

Gloria Beasley, on Google

I have been w/Kaycee for several years. She treats her clients like family and with respect. I am very grateful I chose affordable hearing.

Veronica Barrios, on Google

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